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Regular car air conditioning maintenance reduces the risk of premature compressor failure.

Service Details

Air conditioning services performed by the certified experts at Goodyear Tire & Service Network locations include:

  • Testing of air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks and interior cabin temperature
  • Restoring proper system refrigerant and lubrication levels
  • Restoring interior cooling ability

Why is it important to maintain my car air conditioning system?

  • Regular A/C maintenance enables proper system refrigerant and lubrication levels to be met
  • When proper system refrigerant and lubrication levels are met, the risk of premature compressor failure decreases
  • Allows desired interior cabin temperature to be achieved

How often should I have my car's air conditioning system serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend getting a four-wheel alignment at least once a year. Other times you may need a front-end or four-wheel alignment include:

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