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At Robert Jr’s, fast, reliable oil change services come standard. We offer conventional, high-mileage, synthetic blends and fully synthetic oils to fit your vehicle’s specific needs.

Why Are Regular Oil Changes Important?

You want your car to last a long time, and oil changes are an essential part of regular car maintenance. Here are four reasons why consistent oil changes help your vehicle:

Better Gas Mileage

Gas mileage and the quality of your oil go hand-in-hand. If you fail to change your oil at the proper intervals, your vehicle will use noticeably more fuel. If you’re someone who has to drive long distances frequently, you’re probably looking for any way to improve your gas mileage, so proper and consistent oil changes can help.

Under the hood of a blue SUV.

Reduces Engine Wear and Build-Up

A clean engine is a smooth-running engine. Taking your car in for regular oil changes is one of the easiest ways to protect its vitality and lifespan. Oil changes reduce and remove any excess dirt and engine sludge that builds up during everyday use, leading to a more efficient engine.

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Longer Engine Life

Consistent oil changes will extend the life of your engine, boosting its value. With better gas mileage, proper engine lubrication, and the prevention of sludge and dirt particles, your engine is more likely to last. While you can’t always predict or avoid car problems, regular oil changes can help you detour preventable ones.

A Robert Jr's Tire & Auto employee is performing an oil change. He's checking the oil pressure under the lifted hood of a blue sedan.

Provides Engine Lubrication

Your engine will produce a lot of heat while running normally, but you never want it to overheat. Without proper oil changes, your engine is more susceptible to overheating. The key is always to make sure your engine is properly lubricated to avoid the possibility of it drying out and causing a host of problems.

Our Services

Now that you know why regular oil changes are so important, here’s how we can keep your car in top shape:

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Oil Change

We’ll go in and drain your old oil and replace it with the right oil for your engine. We’ll also go in and check the levels of your other fluids at every service.


Over time, lubricant wears out and is no longer as effective as it is at first. This can result in a less pleasant ride—and, if left untreated long enough, can cause damage to the steering components. We’ll lift your vehicle and inspect specific locations to ensure they are still properly lubricated.

Filter Replacement

On average, oil passes through your engine four times during one mile of driving. By the time you drive 3,000 miles, your oil has passed through the oil filter a staggering 12,000 times. We recommend changing your oil filter with every oil change to ensure the highest level of performance in your engine.

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A Robert Jr's Tire & Auto employee is working under the hood of a vehicle.

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